About Adesola Yusuf

Abdulrahman Adesola Yusuf (Arclight) born in 1997 is a multi-media artist from Lagos, Nigeria. Adesola graduated from Yaba College of Technology with a HND in Graphic design (2018).

The visual expressive form of his works takes inspiration from art of the High renaissance, the Baroque and Rococo. His colour palette is largely inspired by the vibrancy of Pop art and Post-internet art. He would describe his work as a visual soliloquy, detailed with vibrant and contrasting colours. He attempts to give the viewer an insight into his anecdotes that focus on his interaction with his immediate environment, particularly in Lagos. He uses art as a medium to archive the experience of one's own individuality and also the effect of sociopolitical issues in his daily life and that of the people around him.