Adesola Yusuf, otherwise known as Arclight.jpg, presents three unique NFTs from his series ORDER & LAGOS. The works illustrate his personal and individual experiences growing up in Lagos. He presents an illustration of the city life's positive and negative experiences, highlighting elements of poverty, police brutality, and lack of academic opportunities yet acknowledging the vibrancy and excitement of the spaces he grew up. The descriptions of the works are quotes that narrate this poetic duality of his life in Lagos.

About Adesola Yusuf

Abdulrahman Adesola Yusuf (Arclight) born in 1997 is a multidimensional artist from Lagos, Nigeria. Adesola graduated from Yaba College of Technology with an HND in Graphic Design (2018).

The visual expressive form of his works takes inspiration from highly detailed renaissance art, the Baroque and Rococo overly ornate art movement to modern minimalist, pop & internet art.

He'd describe his work as a soliloquy detailed with vibrant and contrasting colours to give a peek into his anecdotes that focus on his interaction with his immediate environment. His works establish his appeal for self-awareness using art as a medium to archive the experience of one's own personality or individuality and also the effect of sociopolitical issues in his daily life and that of the people around him.