ORDER & LAGOS: (come on fly with a broken wing)

by Adesola Yusuf

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About the artist

Adesola Yusuf, otherwise known as Arclight.jpg, presents three unique NFTs from his series ORDER & LAGOS. The works illustrate his personal and individual experiences growing up in Lagos. He presents an illustration of the city life's positive and negative experiences, highlighting elements of poverty, police brutality, and lack of academic opportunities yet acknowledging the vibrancy and excitement of the spaces he grew up. The descriptions of the works are quotes that narrate this poetic duality of his life in Lagos.

About the Artwork
“They shoot your wings and still ask you to fly, yes we do still fly but it is painful. Ah yes Lagos, the dream city. People come here to hustle and make money, yet the cost of living is so high. Maybe it’s the fact that electricity in the majority of neighbourhoods isn’t stable, so now you gotta run on fuel, there can be fuel shortages sometimes. The city is overcrowded and the roads are damaged and unstable, so how do you hustle and get to work smoothly? Lagos is a colourful mess. It has really beautiful parts, bustling with young people trying to make it. Our schools are constantly going on strike, even my little brother is about to sit at home for months again, just like I did and my sister did. It has always been like this. The school syllabus is stuck in the 90s. It feels impossible to compete on the world stage being handicapped right from the beginning. Well, thanks to the internet we can scale through that barrier by self-learning, see, we are flying with a broken wing.”

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ORDER & LAGOS: (come on fly with a broken wing)
ORDER & LAGOS: (come on fly with a broken wing)