ORDER & LAGOS (where Lagos stands for chaos)

by Adesola Yusuf

Edition 1/1

About the Artwork
“Tell me about your city; Where I live, the city is covered in colours, so colourful it’s lurid. Such a wild place to be young, it's full of young people. You can easily get a job or make money just as easily as you could get swindled or scammed. It's populated by a lot of high income class citizens but full of lower income class citizens, it's relatively peaceful but noisy and rough at the same time. The city is so colourful it almost hurts to look at it, especially when it's closing hours and the roads are covered in vehicles and drowned in headlights, almost painted red with backlights. You see people zooming off on motorcycles to beat the traffic. The roads are so dangerous that sometimes I forget myself and enjoy the speed and the air blowing on my face. Other Times I vehemently warn the rider to slow down. So, what is your city like?”
About the artist

Adesola Yusuf, otherwise known as Arclight.jpg, presents three unique NFTs from his series ORDER & LAGOS. The works illustrate his personal and individual experiences growing up in Lagos. He presents an illustration of the city life's positive and negative experiences, highlighting elements of poverty, police brutality, and lack of academic opportunities yet acknowledging the vibrancy and excitement of the spaces he grew up. The descriptions of the works are quotes that narrate this poetic duality of his life in Lagos.

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ORDER & LAGOS (where Lagos stands for chaos)
ORDER & LAGOS (where Lagos stands for chaos)