Collection: Alexander Reben: Thought-Render Fractal Series

In conjunction with Alexander Reben's AI-generated exhibition at GAZELL.iO's digital project space 'AI-Mazing' in London, Alexander Reben is listing works from his 'Thought Render Series' for the first time as NFTs. These works were created in 2018. 

Thought-render series are produced as follows:

  1. a computer algorithm generates an adjective-noun phrase
  2. the artist thinks about this phrase while the computer reads his brainwaves and body-signals
  3. the computer uses this data to generate fractals from templates
  4. the computer searches the internet for images of the phrase, which it uses to create a color palette
  5. the computer shows the artist several results, measuring his brainwaves and body signals to select which he likes "best"
  6. the final result is rendered