Thomas Lin Pedersen

Becoming #2, 2023

Generative art piece coded in R, JavaScript, and WebGL2

Dimensions vary. Minted version: 4667 x 7000 px


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Becoming is a series that explores the tension between youthful naivety and rigid precision. Each piece consists of two layers; A lower layer of free flowing colors, with a texture reminiscent of water color, and a top layer of well-ordered, precisely placed shapes, applied in a manner evoking industrial production. 

While often relegated to the realm of cold precision, computers are a vessel for both of the above emotions as captured in these pieces where the duality flows from the same algorithm, drawing on the same techniques.

Becoming is hopeful at it's core. The top layer never eliminates the playfulness of the structure, in fact, it helps amplify it by providing a scaffold for the whimsical colors. It speaks to a feeling that the playful and the strict are not opposite sides of a spectrum but can coexist and amplify one another.

Each piece includes a signed unique print to the first owner that claims it.

About Thomas Lin Pedersen

Thomas Lin Pedersen is a generative artist based in Denmark. His art merges the digital precision of computer-based art with an organic feel, exploring the tension between perfection, flaws, digital and analogue. He achieves this tension either by combining his algorithmic pieces with classic reproduction approaches or by letting the algorithm be inspired by the feel and flaws of analogue approaches. Pedersen’s work has been featured on Art Blocks as part of their curated collection and on Bright Moments, as well as being exhibited internationally in cities including Venice, London, and New York.

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