Ben Kovach

Algorithmic Self-Portrait, 2023

Ed. of 1/1

Ink on paper made with generative algorithm and NFT

18 x 24 in

Algorithmic Self-Portrait is a hand-drawn pen and ink self-portrait of Ben Kovach. Kovach wrote an algorithm merging image processing techniques with random, generative elements and ran a photo of himself through the algorithm, producing a template. That template was projected against a sheet of paper and methodically traced in pen and ink over the course of several days.
ABOUT Ben Kovach

Creating emergent, generative artwork with an organic sensibility, Ben Kovach engages randomness, code, and mathematical principles in his artmaking. Kovach emulates established materials such as pen, pencil, paint, and charcoal in his digital works, which suggest tangibility, presence, and a kind of playfulness. Having turned to generative art in 2017, Kovach's notable projects include the release of Edifice, a 976-strong collection of artworks for Art Blocks Curated, and 100 PRINT, a series culminating in a solo show in collaboration with Bright Moments in New York. Kovach has been internationally exhibited in Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York, Bologna, Venice, and London.

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Algorithmic Self-Portrait
Algorithmic Self-Portrait