Sheep Girl

by Ben Wheele

Edition 1/1

About the Artwork

Sheep Girl⁠ is a dreadful chimerical being, inspired by Ringu, Jeff the Killer and... the terrible Ovis Aries. The origin and special abilities of Sheep Girl remain unknown. It is thought she can transmute freely; inhabiting walls, digital files, cables…

Now featured in this holographic, ‘single edition’ collectible card, from the animated short film Top 5 Animation Containers by Ben Wheele Using CGI animation, Wheele constructs a fantastical world of sinister creatures and digital hybrids available for your ownership. The collection attempts to reinterpret the sparkling, holographic nostalgia of 80s-90s trading cards. Each artwork is hand-crafted at 2000 x 2000px and 150 frames, and is released as a unique single-edition NFT.

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Unlockable content available upon purchase through Verisart certificate.


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Contract Address: 0x495f947276749Ce646f68AC8c248420045cb7b5e

Token Standard: ERC-1155

Blockchain: Ethereum

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Sheep Girl