Melissa Wiederrecht

Cosmic Rays #887, 2023

Algorithmic Generative Art, Javascript code with p5.js and GLSL accompanied by a physical print

56 x 70 in

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The work “Cosmic Rays”, is a series of 916 images individually rendered from a single generative algorithm, carefully crafted by the artist in the Javascript, p5.js, and GLSL programming languages.  Reminiscent of Orphism, the series embraces pure abstraction and vibrant colors, igniting profound emotions within the viewer.  Compositions of lines and circles resembling light rays, combined with dynamic color palettes randomly generated by the algorithm, evoke power and astronomic scale.  Each stroke - both randomly and carefully intentionally placed - acts as a directional blur, guiding the viewer's eye and encouraging introspection.  Many passes of blurring and layering add depth and ebullience to the series.

In relation to Melissa’s overall practice, Cosmic Rays explores the intersection of complex modern technology, abstraction and randomness, and individual identity.  It questions - how does one’s own unique perspective and influences affect what the viewer sees in a purely abstract work and what they are drawn to and connect with?  Speaking to that, most of the series was compiled in a very unique way - allowing buyers to choose their own outputs from the infinite sea the algorithm can produce before purchasing.

Similarly, Melissa reserved for herself around 100 slots to carefully and thoughtfully curate her favorite outputs from the algorithm.  In these pieces, her intention is present twice - first in the creation of the algorithm, and again in the interpretation and selection of the pieces that spoke to her the most.  

The three works that are available as part of GEN/GEN are three of the works that Melissa hand picked with months of care as representing a few of her favorite outputs from the algorithm. These particular pieces of the series are being offered for sale for the first time, having been lovingly saved by the artist in her own collection until now.

About Melissa Wiederrecht

Melissa Wiederrecht (*1988 in Iowa City, USA) was raised in Wyoming, but lives and works in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. From 2006 to 2014, she studied at the University of Wyoming, obtaining both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science. Since graduating, she has employed code and algorithms to create abstract compositions that evoke a connection to the infinite. While her artistic medium relies on technology, it explores how these generated outputs can connect to timeless and ancient concepts.

Born in America, Melissa chose to live her life as a Muslim woman in Saudi Arabia, immersing herself fully while also being surrounded by Sudanese people and culture. She actively participates in a movement of Generative Art, participating in online communities and presenting code-based art on the blockchain. With her art, Melissa aims to celebrate the strange and beautiful blend of these diverse cultures, showcasing how they coexist and influence one another in a harmonious symphony of creativity.

Wiederrecht has released her digital artworks on the blockchain since May 2022 on the leading platforms, among others: “Sudfah”, Art Blocks Curated (2022); “Cosmic Rays”, Verse (2023); “Undercurrents”, Bright Moments (2023); “Take Wing”, fxhash (2022); and “Zbageti”, fxhash (2022). Wiederrecht’s work has been shown worldwide in numerous exhibitions offline and online, among others: “N=12” (curated by Aaron Penne), Feral File (2023); “Liminal Space”, Unit London, London (2023); “Odysseys”, Verse (2023); “In Touch”, VerticalCrypto Art, Berlin (2022); “Arithmetic Phenomena”, Verse (2022); and “Coded Elegance”, 1stDibs (2022). Her work is part of renowned private and institutional collections such as Le Random, 6529 Museum of Art,, and Unicorn DAO. She has been featured in, among others, Forbes and Fortune.

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Cosmic Rays
Cosmic Rays
Cosmic Rays
Cosmic Rays