About Loren Bednar

Efflorescence was made in response to the vibrant colours present in Harold Cohen’s In AARON’s Garden series. Taking his own approach Bednar accentuates its multilayered relationships of colour and applied motion techniques developed over the years to evoke a sense of curiosity.

Bednar’s process to create this kinetic art series started with re-creating the core concepts of In AARON’s Garden, including a weighted analysis of Cohen’s colour palettes. In each piece, five unique scenes are produced and layered together in varied depths; sometimes the viewer will notice a detail-view of a branch or flower while other times it may look like a larger expanse of foliage. A wash of semi-glitch strokes partially reveals each scene based on colour relationships.

The state of constant motion gives life and mystery to each layer, blending them together and highlighting different aspects as time progresses. The scene also evolves based on the viewer’s time of day. Subtle tints (derived from Cohen’s palettes) emerge to represent sunrise, day, sunset, and night.

The title comes from the state of blooming of a flower; Efflorescence is an active word and emphasises the importance of change within nature. When Bednar looked at In AARON’s Garden, he found a wonderful world of colour and variety and wanted to capture this whilst reinforcing the importance of change, growth, and exploration.