“Much of my work is about the small, seemingly mundane things and the importance of these moments, especially those spent in the company of others. The lockdown period taught many people how we crave human connection. I have created three digital manifestations of my memories, which aim to explore the beauty of these fleeting moments.”

Moments Spent with Others

Moments Spent with Others at GAZELL.iO Project Space, explores the beauty behind moments and how the concept of time and space is connected to the captivating feeling of interacting with others. His second time exhibiting with the gallery, Moments Spent with Others is an invitation to Dawes’ personal stories wrapped in digital visualisations. Over the recent pandemic period, as human interaction became scarce and precious, we grew accustomed to detaching ourselves from other people.

The master work, seen from multiple perspectives and sold as one NFT, delves into three moments in Dawes’s life; eating pizza on the edge of a building with his friend in SOHO, NY, watching late-night classic films on VHS tape with his father, and sitting on his favourite park bench with his wife, Lisa. Highlighting the importance of the physical display of Dawes's digital art, the Master NFT comes with the display. In addition to the master NFT, a sequence of unique 1 of 1 collectible stills based on each memory are also available.

About Brendan Dawes

Brendan Dawes (B. 1966) is a UK based artist using generative processes involving data, machine learning and algorithms to create interactive installations, electronic objects, online experiences, data visualisations, motion graphics and imagery for screen and print. A Lumen Prize winner and Aesthetica Art Prize alumni, his work is featured in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art, has been 3D printed on the International Space Station, and has been recognised by awards bodies including Fast Company Innovation Design, Information is Beautiful and D&AD. Dawes’ work was first exhibited in the GAZELL.iOProject Space, Mayfair, in May 2021 – as part of the group NFT show .ext. The sold-out series titled The Collectors (2021) consisted was a hybrid digital and NFT exhibition. Each piece was inspired by Dawes’ top three NFT collectors: Paris Hilton, Whaleshark, and MetaKovan.