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About The Works

Singularity in Heritage, an AI-driven NFT exhibition at ArtDubai Digital Booth with GAZELL.iO, brings the innovation of Eastern visual arts, crafts, traditions, motifs and transmutes it to an experiment in cultural memory. Orkhan Mammadov aims to broaden the scope of a living tradition by bringing to life these new imagined rugs, coupled with data painting techniques, thread simulation, and color data. He opens up a space for a dialogue between the past and future, dystopia and utopia, to document and preserve the vast cultural history and tradition of the NFT future. As a result, Mammadov pushes the boundaries of tradition and digital and questions technology’s role as a form of memory and a tool of power.

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About The Artist

Orkhan Mammadov is a pioneering and one of the few innovative media artists from Azerbaijan, who emerged on the international scene since representing his home country in the Venice Biennial in 2019. He mixes eastern heritage representation, popular aesthetics, references to surrealism, and documentary conventions in his AI (artificial intelligence) & ML (machine learning) based installations. Mammadov's works reflect on the rapid and chaotic changes occurring in technology in the global context while rethinking Middle Eastern cultural heritage.

Mammadov has been exhibited at a number of international biennales and triennials, including Moscow International Contemporary Art Biennial in Moscow, Russia (2019), Venice Biennial de Arte in Venice, Italy (2019), Nasimi Festival in Baku, Azerbaijan (2018), Gamma Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia (2018), IF Istanbul International Film Festival in Istanbul, Turkey (2017), ACCU Festival in Prague, Czech Republic (2017), Dave Festival in Dresden, Germany (2017) among others.