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Solimán López

Invisible Pegaso, 2024

Resin, electronic ink and copper & MP4

3 x 18 x 20 cm

Ed. of 6 + 1 AP

Invisible Pegaso by Solimán López is the conceptual and visual result of a process of recovering copper extracted from electronic materials using a community of extremophile bacteria in water from Chimborazo dated at over 6,000 years. The process conceptually responds to the idea of turning this technique into a future possibility to make space missions and space debris recovery an achievable reality in collaboration with nature. The resulting sculpture is a three-dimensional scale replica, 3D printed, of Chimborazo, the closest place on Earth to the sun. This piece is coated in its final layer with copper recovered by the bacteria in the fossil water, creating a new topography for a mountain that was a volcano, is a glacier, and that could, in the future, become a mountain of electronic waste.

About Solimán López

Founder of the Harddiskmuseum, OLEA biotoken and Manifesto Terricola movement, Innovation director at ESAT (Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología in Valencia, Spain) and Artist in research in Pole Da Vinci, Paris, France, Solimán López's artistic practice includes work with artificial intelligence, biotechnology and DNA, electronics, interactive and 3D. His work has been exhibited internationally at events, art centres and museums including OI Futuro - Biennial of Digital Art in Brazil in two occasions, ZKM Karlsruhe (Germany), the Chronus Art Center (Shanghai), Centre Pompidou (France), Hermitage Saint Petersburg (Russia), Art Center Nabi-ISEA19 (South Korea), Ars Santa Monica, Barcelona (Spain), CCCB Barcelona (Spain), Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Madrid (Spain), Biennale Nemo Paris (France), Nuit Blanche Paris (France), CAC Málaga (Spain), CCCC Valencia (Spain), CAB Burgos (Spain), CEART Fuenlabrada (Spain), Es Baluard Mallorca (Spain), Cigarreras Alicante (Spain), IVAM Valencia (Spain), MACBA Buenos Aires, Parque Explora Medellín (Colombia), Museo, Exploratorio Bogotá (Colombia), CODAME Festival (Los Angeles), Ukranian Digital Art Biennial, Sonar Plus, among others. Solimán also gives workshops and talks at universities, congresses and symposiums in international institutions and universities.

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Invisible Pegaso
Invisible Pegaso