UNINVITED Stills: Fight/Flight 1

by Nye Thompson & UBERMORGEN

Edition 1/1 + 1AP

About the Artwork

The NFT before you is part of UNINVITED project. Started as a film, it depicts an alternate reality as seen through the eyes of CCTV and AI. Images hijacked from thousands of unsecured CCTV cameras from all over the world are the basis of this work. These images were sorted, analysed, interpreted, and optimised by a set of deep learning algorithms and then orchestrated into a horror film: "An invisible networked super-organism oscillating between anxiety, lust, and horror. Described by the artists as 'a radically new creature looking at the world and nothing makes sense,’ the synthetic organism apprehends the universe through millions of hallucinogenic virally abused (CCTV) sensors. Thompson & UBERMORGEN’s life-form continually evolves by using human and machine learning. It defines its own existence and distributed agency through undergoing fear, instability, aggression, and vulnerability." For this first set of NFTs, the artists have used a scene from a section of the movie - "Fight/Flight > Human" and fed it to yet another AI ("Deep Nostalgia") in order to animate the AI-interpreted faces in the found CCTV footage. This set of 3 NFTs construct a triptych of something that never happened with people that don't exist. This is an edition of 1/1 plus 1 AP. This is part 1 of the triptych "UNINVITED Stills: Fight/Flight".


This NFT has been certified by Verisart https://verisart.com/works/3781bfa9-6bda-4779-8f61-4c858185ce0d

About the artist

Artist and software designer Nye Thompson is known for her experimental software architectures exploring network-embedded power dynamics and machinic visions of the world. Thompson has exhibited around the UK, and internationally, including Tate Modern, Barbican, The Lowry, The V&A, ZKM Karlsruhe, Ars Electronica and Louvre Museum. The artist has been called “the new Big Brother” (Vogue) and “a contemporary Jacques Cousteau” (Bob & Roberta Smith). Thompson's work is included in the V&A Museum National Collection.

UBERMORGEN (AT/CH/US) is an artist duo founded in 1995. Autistic actionist lizvlx and pragmatic visionary Hans Bernhard are net.art pioneers and media hackers widely recognized for their high-risk research into data & matter, conceptual art, and polarising social experiments. They reached a global audience of 500 million while challenging the FBI, CIA, and NSA during the US presidential election. They have worked with pixels, software, and AI. Recent notable projects include NFT series Cerebelle, and biennial.ai, commissioned by the Liverpool Biennial & the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Thompson and UBERMORGEN were recipients of the Lumen Prize Gold Award 2021 for their short film UNINVITED. An ongoing collaboration, UNINVITED is both moving picture and a series of NFTs that blend CCTV, AI, and horror.

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Medium: Video

Dimensions: 1080 x 1920 px

File size:

Contract Address: 0xe49B9eb62EFbc9945564414A7d5fe45911d67505

Token Standard: ERC-721

Blockchain: Ethereum

UNINVITED Stills: Fight/Flight 1
UNINVITED Stills: Fight/Flight 1