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Jocelyn Anquetil & Charles Harrop-Griffith


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From the comfort of a familiar toilet seat, PORTAL_01 transports users to a surreal all-female dimension. Another universe where attitudes towards female disposition and etiquette are explored through hyper-saturated, hyper-exaggerated feminine characters. The piece draws from the eerie perfectionism, fickleness and sexualisation of female characters in science-fiction and video games.

The VR experience is a collage of medias, with performance footage of Anquetil adopting a series of bizarre characters superimposed into a computer animated wormhole.

The experience, featuring a dial-up reminiscent soundtrack by Archy Marshall (King Krule) and Jack Towell, was debuted at Boomtown Festival in June 2017, and has since been shown at the Gazelli Art House, London and Centrum Gallery, Berlin.
ABOUT Jocelyn Anquetil & Charles Harrop-Griffith


Jocelyn Anquetil is a visual artist and live production designer. With a background in design for performing arts and a keen interest in the creative and cultural impact of new technologies, her work explores the ever blurring lines between live experiences and digital media.

Jocelyn uses traditional methods of physical creativity and re-appropriates them for creation within mediums of new technology. Her work is inspired by and investigates digital culture and the aesthetics that are born from our growing relationship with technology and the internet.

Following her graduation from Central St Martin’s BA Performance Design and Practice (2016), Jocelyn was commissioned by the university to collaborate with choreographer Ivan Blackstock and 3D modeller Charles Harrop-Griffiths marking her first major virtual reality project. The experimental collaboration reimagined traditional methods of physical dance performance within a narrative digital environment.‘Traplord of the Flyz VR’ was showcased at the Cubitt Sessions (August 2016, Cubitt Square, London) Jocelyn was later commissioned by Boomtown Festival to create a cross-disciplinary immersive theatre/virtual reality experience. The ‘PORTAL_00’ a second collaboration with Charles Harrop-Griffiths has since showcased at a number of venues throughout London.

Her most recent work was a second commission by Central St Martins to create an interactive piece for their exhibit Altered Realities (March 2016). Fake Breaks – the mock travel agency, invited participators to ‘take a virtual holiday’ from within a hammock while others were invited to take control of sensory elements such smell, touch and taste using a number of provided materials and objects. The workshop set out to explore the meaning of the term ‘immersive’ through the deprivation and augmenting of the senses.

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