About Yassi Mazandi


2018 - 2019: Artist in Residence, Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation, Ojai, California 2018 - 2019: Art & Social Practice Resident Artist, ProjectArt, Los Angeles, California 2016: Artist in Residence, BoxoPROJECTS, Joshua Tree, California
2012: Artist in Residence, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Captiva Island, Florida

Public Collections

Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California
Roanoke College (Permanent Art Collection), Salem, Virginia
University of California, Art, Design & Architecture Museum, Santa Barbara, California

Solo Exhibitions

2018-2019: Yassi Mazandi in Residence, Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation, Ojai, California

2016: Yassi Mazandi: Germs on Sheets, Maloney Fine Art, Los Angeles, California
2014: Yassi Mazandi: Sacred Wheel, Maloney Fine Art, Los Angeles, California
2009: Architectonic: Yassi Mazandi, JF Chen, Los Angeles, California

2007: Yassi Mazandi: Sculpted Ceramics, Allegra Hicks, London, England

2007: Yassi Mazandi: Sculpted Vessels, FLUX Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Group Exhibitions

2018-2019: Surreal By Nature presented by Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation, Hotel Indigo, Santa Barbara, California

2018: The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art (by invitation), Santa Monica, California

2018: My Kid Could Do That, The Underground Museum, Los Angeles, California

2018: Bombay Beach Biennale, Bombay Beach, California

2017: Legacy: Highlights from the Roanoke College Permanent Collection, Olin Gallery, Salem, Virginia

2017: All The Small Things, Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles, California

2017: “Wouldn’t it be nice if we could dream together?”, Diane Rosenstein Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2017: Converge 45 curated by Kristy Edmunds, Hoffman Gallery (OCAC), Portland, Oregon

2017: Bombay Beach Biennale, Bombay Beach, California
2017: Material Art Fair - Mexico City, Grice Bench Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2016: All-In, Club Pro Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2016: Intersectionality curated by Richard Haden, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, Florida

2014: Art is Hope curated by René-Julien Praz, PIASA, Paris, France
2014: Intangible Beauty: Beautiful Women and the Endless Void, Kasher|Potamkin Gallery, New York, New York
2013: Fruits of Captiva, Rauschenberg Project Space, New York, New York

2013: Opera, Art & Fashion, Britweek, Amanda Eliasch, Los Angeles, California

2012: of White, nuartlink, Westport, Connecticut
2011: Art Platform – Los Angeles, Leila Heller Gallery, New York, New York

2011: Superba, JF Chen, Los Angeles, California

2011: January White Sale curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody, Loretta Howard Gallery, New York, New York

2010: SHFT Exhibition, Continental Building, Los Angeles, California
2010: From the Ground..., PS Zask Gallery, Rancho Palos Verdes, California
2000: Terra and Fire: Art Forms in Clay, The Red Barn Atelier, Southampton, New York

1996: 1st Annual Tokyo - New York Ceramic Exhibition (juried), The Nippon Gallery, New York, New York



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2018: Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation, Ojai, California, led hands-on ceramics workshop teaching participants to make selected paper porcelain sculptures.

2018: One Million Crayons, maze installation at invitation of Crayon Collection charity, setting a Guinness World Record for most crayons donated in history, Westfield, Culver City, California.

2018: The Underground Museum, Los Angeles, California, led workshop for children at invitation of ProjectArt.

2016: Artist’s Tea with Yassi Mazandi organized by JT Lab at invitation of National Park Service, Joshua Tree National Park, California.

2015: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, led workshop for children at invitation of Crayon Collection charity.

2012: installation of flower sculptures at invitation of designer Philip Gorrivan for the Salon at Maison de Luxe: Designer Show House at Greystone Estate, Los Angeles, California.