LIA & Joshua Davis


Generative Art Still ERC-721 Token and Giclée print on Hahnemühle German etching paper

Series of 99

As part of their purchase, CORONATION collectors can exclusively claim their fine art Giclée print of their NFT on A1 Hahnemühle German etching paper. Certified by Verisart. 

In CORONATION (2024), LIA & Joshua Davis / PrayStation, honour their 30-year friendship and artistic collaboration with 99 works that reflect their creative coding dedication and innovation within the generative art practice.

About LIA & Joshua Davis

LIA is an Austrian artist and pioneer in software and net art, active since 1995. Her work encompasses video, performance, software, installations, sculpture, projections, and digital applications. Using code as her primary medium, LIA creates generative artworks that blend the traditions of drawing and painting with the aesthetics of digital images and algorithms. Her minimalist works engage viewers in exploring abstract forms, movements, and colours intuitively.

Joshua Davis (b. 1971) is an American designer, technologist, author, and visual artist in new media. Creator of, which won the 2001 Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica, he was an early advocate of open-source software, sharing its source code publicly. Davis also contributed to the visualisation of IBM's Watson for Jeopardy. His work is in the Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and was featured in the 2006 National Design Triennial. He has spoken at TED and 99U about algorithmic image-making. His art has been exhibited at venues including the Tate Modern, Ars Electronica, Design Museum London, Centre Pompidou, ICA London, and PS.1 MoMA.

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Token Standard: ERC-721
Blockchain: Ethereum
Metadata: Frozen and decentralized
COA: Verisart Certified