Drawing Levels 2019_001

by Gibson and Martelli

Edition 1/1

About the Artwork

Gazellio is proud to mint their first resident's NFTs, 'Drawing Levels' (2021) by new media artist duo, Gibson/Martelli. The concept began with Ruth Gibson creating drawings in VR, experimentally holding the controllers with her feet — a part of the body which is crucial for dancers but frequently overlooked for an input. The drawing software renders gesture data as a ‘solid’ shape, a moving point becomes a line in space — the foot drawing, essentially becomes a performance in stasis. Drawing Levels was created with the support of the Arts and Humanities Research Council /Engineering, Next Generation of Immersive Experiences grant and a Xenoform LAB residency in San Francisco.

Verisart Certified: https://verisart.com/works/13bdd5f1-1607-4093-b2d2-e699dfa0c1ac


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Contract Address: 0x495f947276749Ce646f68AC8c248420045cb7b5e

Token Standard: ERC-1155

Blockchain: Ethereum

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Drawing Levels 2019_001