Eye Exercise (In Rain) 眼保健操 (在雨中)

by Carrie Chen

1/1 + 1 AP

Eye Exercise (In Rain) presents a 3D animation featuring the artist's younger self-avatar, wearing a yellow raincoat and rolling her eyes against a dramatic backdrop of a stormy ocean.

Part of the artist’s “Eye Exercise” series and a larger body of work, the animation alludes to the phenomenon of routine eye exercises in mainland Chinese classrooms. The childlike figure is framed by scrolling text, reminiscent of news tickers.

Details woven into the artwork hint at the artist's Chinese American identity, drawing from her experiences and speculations with the complexities of cultural hybridity, memory and representation.

Frame Text: 

Eyes are windows to the soul. Protect your vision for the revolution.


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Eye Exercise (In Rain)  眼保健操 (在雨中)