Gazelli Art House invites GrailersDAO

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We are pleased to invite GrailersDAO for our inaugural Invites series of events, to support and engage with digital art community. Selected works from the GrailersDAO collection and GrailersDAO artists will be on display at the event.

This event will be held in conjunction with the exhibition GEN/GEN: Generative Generations, featuring works from: Loren Bednar, Darien Brito, Sougwen Chung, Harold Cohen, Brendan Dawes, Ernest Edmonds, Licia He, Tyler Hobbs, Ben Kovach, William Latham, Rhea Myers, Piter Pasma, Monica Rizzolli, Melissa Wiederrecht, and Stephen Willats.

Gazelli Art House, in collaboration with tech partner Verisart, is thrilled to introduce their first co-curated exhibition GEN/GEN: Generative Generations, taking over all three floors of Gazelli Art House’s central Mayfair gallery. This exhibition continues the gallery’s longstanding interest in and promotion of digital art, intertwining with the historical angle of the gallery’s program.

Following Gazelli Art House’s The AARON Retrospective, and ahead of a major 2024 museum survey at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the gallery has deepened investigations into Computer Art pioneer Harold Cohen’s practice by aligning his work with three of his peers – Ernest Edmonds, William Latham, and Stephen Willats – while recontextualising these works through an array of contemporary generative artists.

© Artwork: Efflorescence, 2023 by Loren Bednar

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Gazelli Art House invites GrailersDAO