Anna Beller

Prototype 001, 2024

NFT accompanied by an experimental painting

NFT Aspect ratio 5 : 7 / Canvas : 54cm x 78.5cm


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Prototype 001 marks the culmination of an exploration into experimental paintings that harmonise intuitive human art processes with digitally generated systems. This series delves into the intersection of traditional painting techniques and digital methodologies, expressed through grids, symbols, and the precision of a pen plotter.

The artworks in this series are governed by specific rules yet retain an element of unpredictability, blending controlled design with spontaneous creation. They aim to evoke timeless aesthetics while reflecting the pervasive influence of our digital age.

By integrating digital drawings with physical painting, the artist underscores a longing for tangible materiality amidst a virtual world. Each digital prototype is paired with an experimental painting—a raw, tactile counterpart.

Prototype 001 originated from a 'soak-stain' painting on raw canvas, where a poured form with organic contours served as the foundation. This organic shape was digitally duplicated and meticulously pen-plotted onto the canvas in a grid pattern of fine horizontal lines. The juxtaposition of the digitally rendered grid against the organic, blurred soak-stain creates a nuanced interplay—a delicate harmony or a stark contrast—questioning the coexistence of digital and organic elements within the same visual space.

The artwork invites contemplation on the essence of digital and physical realms, exploring themes of transparency, layering, and minimalism across various media and materials. Prototype 001 represents the culmination of this exploration, capturing a moment in a series with limitless potential for further permutations, each iteration pushing the boundaries of art and technology.


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About Anna Beller

Anna Beller is an abstract painter and digital artist from Germany. She experiments with colour relationships and its transparencies in different painting techniques. In combination with her architectural background Beller is following a minimalist digital art route, recently adding a pen-plotter to find an experimental symbiosis between human and automatic art expression.

Her 'Lacquer Studies' balance between mechanical repetition and natural colour flow and got acquired by collections such as the 'Anne + Michael Spalter Digital Art collection' and exhibited by 'Verse', 'Expanded Art' and 'VERTICAL'.

Beller started to mint her digital and phygital artworks on-chain in summer 2022 and sees her art as an ongoing experimental process, digital and physical series inspire each other constantly. Not the final product is her aim but how it inspires the next piece. This movement, imperfection and unpredictability to some extend can be found in her expression.

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Contract address: 0x68f7871e32ffbe2e1f184f5282ba5d96ecc1fbf2
Token Standard: ERC-721
Blockchain: Ethereum
Metadata: Frozen and decentralized
COA: Verisart Certified

Prototype 001
Prototype 001