Anna Beller

Prototype 002, 2024

NFT accompanied by an experimental painting

NFT Aspect ratio 5 : 7 / Canvas : 54cm x 78.5cm 1/1


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Prototype 002 continues the exploration of blending intuitive human artistry with digitally generated systems, following the path established by its predecessor. This series delves into creating geometric, carpet-like designs and potential colour field paintings, bridging the gap between traditional painting techniques and digital methodologies.

The artwork begins with plotted marks along the edges of the paper, indicating where to tape and cover sections before applying spray paint. This method provides a structured framework, yet leaves room for the artist's intuition to guide the colour scheme, density, and order of the colour fields. The grid is plotted in a variety of colours, spontaneously chosen by the artist, enhancing the organic feel of the work despite its digital origins.

Prototype 002 juxtaposes the precise, machine-like expression of the digital prototype with the softer, brighter physical painting. The digital work features a rigid, calculated appearance, while the physical piece is rendered with a pastel colour palette, embodying a more natural and tactile character. Soft imperfections in the physical painting emphasise its materiality, contrasting with the mechanical precision of its digital counterpart.

By integrating digital plotting with spray painting, Prototype 002 highlights the interplay between control and spontaneity, structure and fluidity. The artwork invites viewers to contemplate the relationship between digital precision and the human touch, exploring themes of transparency, layering, and minimalism.

The project embodies a harmonious blend of technology and traditional artistry, pushing the boundaries of both mediums. Prototype 002 not only showcases the potential of merging digital and physical elements but also underscores the enduring relevance of tactile, handmade art in an increasingly virtual world. Each iteration within this series presents a new opportunity for creative expression, continuously evolving and expanding the dialogue between art and technology.


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About Anna Beller

Anna Beller is an abstract painter and digital artist from Germany. She experiments with colour relationships and its transparencies in different painting techniques. In combination with her architectural background Beller is following a minimalist digital art route, recently adding a pen-plotter to find an experimental symbiosis between human and automatic art expression.

Her 'Lacquer Studies' balance between mechanical repetition and natural colour flow and got acquired by collections such as the 'Anne + Michael Spalter Digital Art collection' and exhibited by 'Verse', 'Expanded Art' and 'VERTICAL'.

Beller started to mint her digital and phygital artworks on-chain in summer 2022 and sees her art as an ongoing experimental process, digital and physical series inspire each other constantly. Not the final product is her aim but how it inspires the next piece. This movement, imperfection and unpredictability to some extend can be found in her expression.

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Contract address: 0x68f7871e32ffbe2e1f184f5282ba5d96ecc1fbf2
Token Standard: ERC-721
Blockchain: Ethereum
Metadata: Frozen and decentralized
COA: Verisart Certified

Prototype 002
Prototype 002