Temple v2-dv1 (Snarl, sunlight)

Edition 1/1

About the Artwork
Temple v2-dv1 is a 3D environment that imagines a forgotten temple. The temple is at once a lost ziggurat or fractured skyscraper, vandalised on the outside but holding treasure within. It can be thought of as a sculpture and contemplated as an object, or as a secret space. Once inside, the masks of the creature "Snarl" loom above you, creating a small refuge or room within a room, allowing viewers to wander through and discover. For best experience, place this 3D artwork inside a virtual world, or view it in your space as an AR environment by loading the HTML scene, which the collector receives, located at IPFS CID: QmbeiCJETeWfG8ZmCnxMf82X3rxnxoKwppBgYDUJeF9deQ

Medium: 3D Model


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Contract Address: 0x6F8e3abeF0fE453f763f8304991AF5AE7f27891F

Token Standard: ERC-721

Blockchain: Ethereum

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Temple v2-dv1 (Snarl, sunlight)