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Joshua Davis

the V01D / PULSAR / 009-001, 2024

Animated ERC-721 Token accompanied by a unique rendering printed on archival matte canvas with an elaborate hand-painted geometrical pattern in silver reflect ink

43 45/64 x 24 51/64 inches

Unique series of 6

the V01D / PULSAR / 009-001, is a custom, written from scratch, generative program using processing (JAVA) + GLSL shaders. This unique 2 minute 22 second real-time generative render (animation 009, variable/shader set 001), is a code base consisting of 9825 lines of code that Davis has been working on for almost a decade. Because this is an algorithmic generative piece of software, it is not limited to a fixed timeline of animation, it can create an infinite length of animation and generate rendered stills infinitely like the pattern of a snowflake where no two visual compositions would ever be the same. When a video is rendered, you're basically viewing a window of time from the software's infinite system. Davis also takes on the role of the critic, living with the work, watching it mutate and evolve, to finally capture/render a moment in time considered by the artist as visual pleasing. to put it simply, Davis programs all the rules, boundaries, and decision making an artist would make... but allows the software/algorithm to become the independent artist, and as such, Davis is in constant state of surprise in his role as observer as the program paints and animates decisions. Among Davis highlights is a role in designing the visualisation of IBM’s Watson. Prizes and awards include the Prix Ars Electronica’s Golden Nica. My work has been exhibited at the Tate Modern, the Design Museum London, le Centre Pompidou, the ICA London, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, MoMA PS1 New York, the Whitney, the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum and more. 

The imperfections of the hand-drawn pattern in silver ink represent an intentional contrast to the perfect precision performed by the mathematical algorithm. The tension is clearly evident.

Pairing a 1/1 NFT work with an original hand-painted canvas is an effort to connect the dots between the traditional contemporary art space and the digital realm is part of a larger vision to fuse these worlds.

About Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis (b. 1971) is an American designer, technologist, author, and visual artist in new media. Creator of, which won the 2001 Prix Ars Electronica Golden Nica, he was an early advocate of open-source software, sharing its source code publicly. Davis also contributed to the visualisation of IBM's Watson for Jeopardy. His work is in the Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt Design Museum and was featured in the 2006 National Design Triennial. He has spoken at TED and 99U about algorithmic image-making. His art has been exhibited at venues including the Tate Modern, Ars Electronica, Design Museum London, Centre Pompidou, ICA London, and PS.1 MoMA.

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Contract address: 0x5d875322c2cb1d58b95fd412492b5965e9ac0977
Token Standard: ERC-721
Blockchain: Ethereum
Metadata: Frozen and decentralized
COA: Verisart Certified

the V01D / PULSAR / 009-001
the V01D / PULSAR / 009-001