Tuesday Talk | Minds & Machines


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This panel discussion features represented artist Jake Elwes, Helen Ho (Collection Manager, DSL Collection), Samantha King (Head of Programme at VIVE Arts), and Catherine Troiano (V&A Curator of Photography).

This conversation coincides with Jake Elwes' highly anticipated inaugural solo show, Data • Glitch • Utopia, at Gazelli Art House. Furthermore, it celebrates the commissioning of a new iteration of Elwes' groundbreaking work, The Zizi Show (2020), for the newly opened Photography Centre at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), on view until April 2024.

 Samantha King, Head of Programme at VIVE Arts, will bring her expertise in the intersection of art and virtual reality to the discussion. As a key collaborator in the partnership exhibition between Gazelli Art House and VIVE Arts, she will shed light on the UK premiere of Cheng Ran's immersive work, Always I Distrust (2020), showcased in our Project Space, in conversation with Helen Ho (Collection Manager, DSL Collection).

Catherine Troiano, curator at the V&A, will provide valuable insights into the significance of Elwes' commissioned artwork, The Zizi Show, within the broader context of the museum's commitment to showcasing cutting-edge contemporary photography. Troiano's expertise in curating exhibitions that explore the evolving role of technology in art and culture will enrich the discussion.

Tuesday Talk | Minds & Machines